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brentwood School East and West Campus Master Plans



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The master plans describe accommodations for educational building sites, student life and activities, visual/performing arts, athletic/recreation, parking and other facilities that make the School and each of its divisions complete. A principal component of the plan is to identify facilities priorities for each of the divisions and a phased building program that allows the School to systematically and incrementally realize the plan over time as financial and human resources allow, beginning with the highest priority needs. The plan recognizes and creates a common vocabulary that gives a unified vision and clear identity through the built environment to the School's philosophy, purpose and mission. The East Campus Plan identifies five new buildings, two parking garages and renovations of three existing buildings: the Science/Library/Theater, South Quad and North Quad. The West Campus Plan identifies three new buildings, two new parking garages and reconfiguration of the drop-off and pick-up area.

East campus

East campus