CHaffey College Chino Campus


Health Sciences Building


Chino, CA


Chaffey College/City of Chino

Size and Cost:

15,000 SF; N/A




The jointly funded and programmed by Chaffey College and the County of San Bernadino, the Health Sciences Building accommodates the college’s School of Health Sciences and School of Mathematics and Science and is the third building of the new Chaffey College campus, as outlined in our master plan. It is also the first phase of a consolidated science quad planned for the Chino campus, located to the southwest of the Main Instruction Building.

The 15,000 SF facility includes five health educational and science laboratories for nursing skills, microbiology, physiology, and anatomy. The Nursing Skills Laboratory supports the college’s state accredited nursing program and houses two fully functioning lab classrooms, each with dedicated lab support and service/storage space. The labs replicate a contemporary hospital setting while maintaining the space utilization efficiencies required by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) guidelines. Three science laboratories for anatomy, microbiology, and physiology each include dedicated service/prep spaces as well as an area for refrigeration of cadavers.

Because the project’s restricted budget did not permit full program build out, we developed a master plan for the site that will allow for future expansion. The initial phase will be complemented later by an “L” shaped addition forming a courtyard at the heart of what will become the Chino campus science quadrangle.