North elevation

               CHaffey College Chino Campus


Main Instruction Building


Chino, CA


Chaffey College/City of Chino

Size and Cost:

60,000 SF; $26 M







Steve Johnson, Jim Favaro


Jim Favaro

Project Architect:

Steve Johnson

Associate Principal:

Brian Davis

Senior Design Associate:

Gregory Stackel


The Main Instruction Building is the first building of the new 100-acre Chino campus of Chaffey College whose master plan was completed in 2004. As a microcosm of a fully functioning community college serving 5,000 students, the 60,000 SF multi-purpose facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and includes student services, administration services, two lecture halls, the campus library, biology and chemistry laboratories, instructional classrooms, the campus bookstore, and faculty offices.

The building sits at the head of what will become the main campus mall and is arranged on two floors around two courtyards. The two floors are designed to optimize flexibility and adaptability over time as the college grows. The building’s sustainable features are rooted in the tradition of early California architecture as it developed in this region such as thick walls, shaded loggias, natural materials, and lightly colored surfaces. Together, these features create authentic, effortlessly sustainable, and contemporary architecture suitable to its time and rooted in its place.