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CHaffey College Michael Alexander Campus Center West



Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Chaffey College/City of Chino

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The new Michael Alexander Campus Center West replaces the aging campus center at the heart of Chaffey College's Rancho Cucamonga campus. The two-story, multi-purpose building contains food service and dining spaces for students and faculty, as well as several resource centers including Heath Services, the Career Services Resource Center, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) and Student Government offices. The new campus center is the result of a master plan by our firm that identifies options for uniting the East and West Campus Centers into a coherent single entity through phased implementation as funds become available. The building is the first step in re-visioning the campus from the inside out by replacing what is currently a hodge-podge of 1960s structures with a more coherent and dignified assembly of buildings that will, through the creation of clearly defined and gracious open spaces, reconstitute a campus core with identity and presence.