View of Concourse

View of Concourse


Fresno Health and Social Services Master Plan



Fresno, CA


City of Fresno/County of Fresno


650,000 SF; 32 acre site



The County of Fresno will consolidate onto this site 650,000 SF of administrative and customer services facilities within its Health & Social Services departments from locations currently dispersed across the City of Fresno. The 32-acre UMC campus owned by the County in East Fresno sits near the county fairgrounds, Roosevelt High School and the Huntington Boulevard residential neighborhood. The plan includes a community and regionally serving park, and private sector residential and commercial development. It compliments intense public sector development with humane residential and commercial components that stitch back together what is currently a distressed and struggling neighborhood. It required coordination with the existing Fresno Community Hospital accounting for its retention on site in the short term and phased vacation of the site over the long term. The plan accounts for remediation of toxic soils conditions associated with operations of the hospital.