Aerial campus view from north


independent Elementary and middle school


Los Angeles, CA



Size and Cost:

41,000 SF; $30M







Steve Johnson, Jim Favaro

Project Architect:

Steve Johnson

Design Associates:

Kevin Geraghty, Begum Baysun,
Hongjie Li

This campus improvement and expansion project includes enhancements to the campus’ existing elementary and middle school facilities, as well as the construction of a new academic building containing new classrooms, administrative offices, and a multi-purpose room to accommodate a new total enrollment of 535 students ranging from grades K-12. Specific improvements include renovation of several existing elementary and middle school classroom and art instruction areas, as well as construction of a new approximately 41,000 SF two-level academic building with new classrooms, instructional spaces, administrative offices, and multi-purpose room. The proposed campus plan continues the existing campus courtyard typology by adding the new academic building and new campus quadrangle at the southeastern edge of the campus as it meets the hillside. The plan seeks to maintain and enhance the unique natural character of the Santa Monica Mountains. New courtyards are created at the new building perimeter that are in turn linked to the existing buildings and campus open space.