LATTC 30 Yyear plan diagram

LATTC 30 Yyear plan diagram


Los Angeles Trade Technical College Master Plan



Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles Community College District


65,000 SF



The Campus Master Plan provides the college with a comprehensive 30-year vision for the revitalization of its downtown Los Angeles campus. It includes short term and long term building strategies, conceptual programming and planning for student services, administration and all of the academic and career technical departments, programs and services, vehicular circulation and parking facilities and indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. The plan creates generous, meaningful open spaces at the heart of campus, clarifies and strengthens campus edges in relationship with the surrounding urban fabric. It creates building opportunities that will support efficient and flexible building types capable of accommodating the broad range of programs and services--everything from art history to automotive repair. The plan puts forth a strategy for the investment of limited funds in order to provide state-of-the-art facilities into the future and to affect true transformation of the physical, educational and psychological environment of the campus.