AUHSD Magnolia High School Center for Excellence Campus Master Plan


Anaheim, CA


Anaheim Unified High School District


37,500 SF (Phase I); 36,400 SF (Phase II)


$30 M (Phase I); $30.3 M (Phase II)





Steve Johnson, Jim Favaro

Project Architect:

Steve Johnson

Associate Principal:

Brian Davis

Senior Design Associate:

Ingrid Dennert

The first high school program in cyber security in the United States was established at Magnolia High School within the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) in Anaheim, CA in 2016.  AUHSD plans to have the entire high school and its campus designated as a “Center for Excellence” which will allow the school to build on its cyber security program in association with corporate partners (such as Tesla, IBM and Ford) by developing other programs in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, high tech manufacturing, electrical vehicles and alternative node energy production and storage. 

The district has engaged Johnson Favaro to create a master plan for new facilities that will accommodate all of these programs on campus as well as other pressing facilities needs such as a general purpose classrooms, a performing arts center, physical education facility, library, and administration. The first phase of the master plan will be programmed and designed in 2017-18  and include new administration facilities, general purpose classrooms, new cyber security instructional facilities and a collaboration/presentation center in which students, faculty, guest engineers and scientists will collaborate on projects and demonstrate them to their peers, faculty and parents as well as other interested parties from across Southern California.