Norco College Plan

Norco College Master Plan



Norco, CA


Riverside Community College District


141 acres



This campus master plan, initiated by the Riverside Community College District at the moment of transition of the 141-acre Norco campus from a campus center into a full fledged college, sets out a program of expansion from a student population of 8,500 to 16,000 over a thirty year time frame. The plan includes three planning horizons: 10,000 students, 12,000 students and 16,000 students. The plan creates strategies for the construction of buildings and open space, athletics and recreation facilities, utilities, roads and parking facilities. The master plan integrates with a detailed educational master plan which both informed and gave shape to the campus master plan, especially in the detailed building program that was developed for projects within the 12,000 student planning horizon. The planning effort required coordination with environmental remediation associated with the adjacent U.S Navy site, restoration and preservation of 40 acre natural habitat within the campus.