Sixteenth floor reception


UCLA University Extension Administration Headquarters


Westwood, CA


University of California University Extension

Size and Cost:

75,000 SF; $18 M




2016- April 2018



Steve Johnson, Jim Favaro

Project Architect:

Steve Johnson

Associate Principal:

Brian Davis

Design Associates:

Daniel Nguyen, Gerry Lee, Kevin Geraghty

UNEX will move out of their current location in Westwood Village and into leased facilities for a decade or more while their permanent home is planned, designed and built on a new site (owned by the University and known as “Lot 36”) in Westwood adjacent to the new LA MTA subway line now under construction. UNEX has decided to turn this into an opportunity to reimagine its organizational philosophy and to design a new work place to reflect and facilitate that philosophy which is based on a more collaborative, less individualistic, compartmentalized and hierarchical model of work.

They will move into 45,000 SF in an office tower on Wilshire Boulevard and 30,000 SF in Gayley Center a commercial building in Westwood Village. The planning and design of their new space has been driven by the desire to democratize the organization’s work environment in the distribution of space, view and light. Of the 300 employees that will move into 10960 Wilshire Boulevard only 40 will have private offices.  However, there are numerous opportunities for a variety of work settings accommodated throughout the 45,000 SF facility including enclosed meeting rooms of a variety of sizes, one or two-person meeting booths and open meeting spaces (or “commons”) with a wide array of seating arrangements.

The enclosed offices and meeting rooms are located near the building services core rather than the perimeter to maximize accessibility of light and view for everyone in the organization.  The look, feel and design of the environment is meant to evoke both the institutional seriousness of purpose associated with one of the world’s great universities and the identity of an innovative, technologically adept, globally minded, light-on-its feet organization in service to curious and courageous life- long learners across the world.