La Terrazza restaurant



Los Angeles, CA



Size and Cost:

3500 SF; N/A






This 3,500 SF historic unreinforced masonry building was renovated to provide reception, offices, studio screening room, kitchen, bar and bathrooms. The project required retrofitting for seismic bracing, cutting skylights into the roof, and the insertion of a new entry. The partition walls at the reception and office area are maple veneer particle board paneling and in their refinement are a contrast to the existing shell. Steel panel detailing at the entry and kitchen bar areas have a patina created by a bluing process and are meant to connect to the imagined origins of the building. The bathroom was designed with upper walls to simulate gold leaf while the lower wainscot and floors are marble. The overall character of the office is an expression of the client's interest in film noir evoking simultaneously a classic 30s Hollywood elegance that contrasts with the character and texture of the original urban industrial warehouse loft.